Industry Issues and Improvements

 1/14/15 London Metal Exchanges Launches Plan to Lure Funds, Boost Liquidity

  •  The London Metal Exchange (LME) launched plans to boost liquidity on its electronic platform LMEselect on standard monthly dates to increase business from financial investors, such as hedge funds.”

Regulator Newsmakers

1/14/15 U.S. House Approves Legislation Easing Dodd-Frank Provisions

  • Today’s 271-154 vote on legislation that would delay aspects of the Volcker Rule restriction on banks making risky investments followed a failed effort to advance the bill last week. The measure faces an uncertain path in the Senate and President Barack Obama has indicated he would veto the legislation if it reaches his desk.”

1/14/15 SEC Adopts Rules Establishing Regime for Swap Data Warehouses

  • U.S. securities regulators took another step toward shedding more light on the over-the-counter derivatives market Wednesday, adopting a raft of measures to give them a direct window into the opaque market.”

CFTC Corner

1/02/15  PR7098-15 CFTC Provides Notice and Clarification of the Reopened Comment Period for its Rulemaking Proposals on Position Limits for Physical Commodity Derivatives and Aggregation

  • The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC or Commission) has submitted for publication in the Federal Register a clarification and notice regarding the reopened comment periods for two Position Limit rulemakings.”

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