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The 707 area code operates in the Pacific Time Zone (PT), a crucial alignment for efficient communication across national and international networks. Coordinating within this time zone necessitates adjustments for daylight saving time, typically moving clocks forward in spring and back in fall. For businesses, being attuned to PT ensures timely interaction with clients and partners in this region, avoiding scheduling conflicts and fostering seamless connections. Time zone awareness is essential for maintaining professional relationships and optimizing operations.

Top Local Business Phone Providers for 707 Area Code
Local numbers $ – $1
Local minutes $ – $0.04
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $20
Local minutes $ – Unlimited
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $5
Local minutes $ – Unlimited
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $1.50
Local minutes $ – $0.04
Local Vanity Number $ – yes
Local numbers $ – $3
Local minutes $ – $0.05
Local Vanity Number $ – no

What Time Zone is Area Code 707 In?

State – California
Major City – Santa Rosa
Timezone – Pacific

Largest Telephone Carriers
Prefixes – Carrier
33% – Pacific Bell
9% – Pac – West Telecomm
7% – O1
5% – Broadwing
3% – Teleport Group – San Francisco
2% – Xo
2% – Peerless Network
16% – Other

Prefixes – Carrier
7% – Cingular
5% – Verizon Wireless
4% – Sprint
3% – United States Cellular –
2% – American Messaging (am)
1% – T-mobile
1% – Usa Mobility Wireless
2% – Other

Area Code Origins – The Birth of 707

The 707 area code emerged during a wave of number allocation in the late 1950s when area codes were first introduced to streamline long-distance calling. Officially split off from the 415 area code in 1959, 707 covered the northwest region of California, including the North Coast, the northernmost portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, and parts of the wine country. As telecommunications grew and shifted, 707 withstood the test of time without major geographical changes, although the introduction of cell phones and internet dial-up demanded increased number capacity. The 707 area code has thus stood as a stable and distinctive telephonic identifier for residents and businesses, fostering a sense of regional identity while adapting to technological advancements in the industry.

How It Works
The 707 area code operates within California's Telephone Numbering Plan, serving counties such as Sonoma and Napa. For local calls within 707, dialing the 7-digit number suffices. However, recent changes may require the area code plus the 7-digit number. For international calls, one starts with the country exit code (011 for the USA), followed by the US country code (1), the area code (707), and finally the 7-digit phone number. Regulatory oversight ensures fair allocation and efficient use of numbers under the North American Numbering Plan Administration.

Why Your Business Needs a 707 Phone Number
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A 707 area code endows businesses with a local identity in Northern California's vibrant markets, from Vallejo to Santa Rosa. It fosters customer trust, with residents more inclined to answer calls from familiar numbers. For businesses, this immediacy strengthens connections and bolsters communication efficiency, ensuring messages resonate within the community. Strategically, a 707 number improves local search engine rankings, crucial for tapping into regional digital footprints. By incorporating a local area code, businesses enhance their appeal, seamlessly integrating with the region they serve and achieving a competitive edge in both traditional and online marketplaces.


The adjacent 951 area code serves the inland areas of Southern California, encompassing Riverside County and parts of San Bernardino County. Neighboring area codes include 909, covering parts of San Bernardino County, while 760 and 442 cater to the vast desert regions to the east, including Palm Springs. To the west, 657 and 714 cover northern Orange County, and 562 lies further west, covering southeastern Los Angeles County. Business-wise, using local area codes can enhance customer trust and response rates in these regions, as consumers often prefer familiar numbers from their community.

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